Stalking Videos

Digital technology makes it easy to stalk and harass victims

When technology like mobiles, social networks are used to harass and stalk someone the consequences can be devastating, even deadly, for victims. That is why you should take stalking and online harassment seriously.

Stalkers are obsessive people. The want to know what your doing, where you going, who you are with, how you feel. Any information or tools they can use against their victims they will use. Digital stalking makes it easy to spy on their victim, get information from friends and family or even put spy sofware on you computer or mobile.

If you want reduce or stop harassment then you have to stop feeding the obsession. That is why you have to make changes, become more private and be extra careful so your information doesn't get back to them.

This website is for victims of stalking, online harassment and bullying. It can help you to protect yourself from Digital Stalking. If you need to talk to someone go to the useful links page to find the right organisation for you.

The most common tactics for stalkers and bullies include:

  • Monitoring you and friends- looking at what you post, photos, where you go, who you go with etc.
  • Spyware - putting spy software on your phone or computer
  • Sending text, messages - sending hurtful or threatening messages to you over and over again
  • Account takeovers/hacking - accessing your online accounts
  • Denigration - send, post, or publish cruel rumors and untrue statements to damage your reputation
  • Distribute photos or videos - distributing photos or videos to embarrass you
  • Exclusion - contacting or inviting everyone but you
  • Flaming - posting an abusive response so everyone can see it
  • Outing - telling people something embarrassing about you
  • Threats and Dissemination - they threaten you and then tell everyone
  • Confidence tricks- getting you to reveal information about themselves and then using against them
  • Impersonation - pretending to be the victim either online or via email etc.
  • Spaming- signing the victim up for junk email
  • Trolling - say something online to get you to provoke you into responding
  • Bullying by proxy - getting others to join in

 Learn more go to Victim Advice