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Stalking helpline on 0808 802 300. If you are victim of stalking associated with domestic violence, call Women's Aid helpline on 0808 2000 247

Mobile Apps to increase security

If you have a smart phone then you should be running some type of mobile security software. It not only protects against malware that can be used to steal money it offers some important safety features. There are different products but the best suited one I found is Kaspersky.

 Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 £14.99

This product has three other features that are useful:

White list feature – You can set your phone to only accept calls and texts from only those in your contact list. White lists work better than black lists that just block specific numbers. If you block a stalker’s number they will simply use a different phone and contact you again.

Private contacts – Kaspersky enables you to have private contacts where you hide all details from a contact e.g. text, phone logs. You can only access the private information with a pin.

Lost phone feature – if you lose your phone you can find it’s GPS location and remotely lock or delete data.

Useful Apps

There numerous apps that may be useful for stalking victims to install including:

Password managers – makes passwords easier, faster and safer to use. Search the apps store using the highlighted words below to find the apps. Look for apps with high numbers installed, good ratings and read reviews.

Back up – These apps back up your apps settings so you can do a factory reset. Word of caution don’t chose the automatic restore unless you are sure all the apps are safe. Select manual restore and it should let you store each app individually.

Password manager – These products will safe guarded your web site logins, bank accounts and credit cards details. They generate secure passwords and save them so the next time you go to the website it automatically fills in your login information. You can get products that will sync with your desktop, back up information online etc.

Panic alarm – Turns your phone into an alarm and will text your location to your designated contacts.  They have an emergency button that sets off an alarm to scare off an attacker. They can also send a text message to preset of contacts saying you are in trouble with the location of the phone.

Hide caller ID – If you have had to change your phone, don’t let your stalker get hold of it by calling someone who then passes on your new number. Use an app that automatically hides your number whenever you make a call.

Call blocker white list -  If you aren’t running security software with a white list blocking feature then you should buy a separate app. The white list feature means that only those people you want to can call or text you. Many of the apps also run a black list feature. They both offer options of hang-up or send to voice mail.

Permission – Every app you download requests access to different features or information on your phone. They may want to access your location, camera, photos, phone number and other information. You don’t want your location or other information leaking out through these apps. So, it is worth getting an app that lets you see and turn off apps permission. It can also improve your battery life.

Privacy – Hide contacts and their texts from specific contacts E.g. "Hide my Text"

Spoof geolocation – you can make it look like you and your phone is somewhere else.

Last updated on February 18, 2014 by Jennifer Perry