Stalking Videos

Common Mistakes Victims Make

  • Failing to accurately log incidents and keep evidence.
  • Not following advice on digital safety e.g. change passwords, clean computers and mobiles, not adapting your social network habits.
  • Not giving your stalker a clear message that you want the behavior to stop. You are not interested in any form of relationship.
  • Responding to your stalker in any way, shape or form. (Even negative response will encourage stalkers to continue)
  • Trying to reason or bargain with your stalker
  • Believing you can deal with it on your own.
  • Ignoring your instincts. The gift of fear is a warning sign something is wrong.
  • Ignoring the early warning signs
  • Not taking the situation seriously
  • Blaming yourself.
  • Not taking adequate safety precautions
  • Seeking a restraining or protective order without thinking of the potential consequences.
  • Failing to obtain support from others either personally or professionally, including family, friends, work colleagues and police
  • Expecting police to solve the problem and not taking responsibility your own safety